[NEW] UK SynStick Gaming | PvP | Half Craft | Door Share | Oxide

We are a entertainment community based around gaming, we’ve just set up our own server to offer to the Rust community what they deserve.

No nonsense servers. Our admins are active and will investigate all hacking allegations to the best of our ability with the tools we currently have. We have a zero tolerance policy for all kinds of hacking/cheating and abuse, while we believe it to be apart of the game to raid, kill others etc. We don’t like users being abusive in chat to others.

We are currently running Oxide with Door Share and Half Craft enabled.

Come join us in TeamSpeak: SynStick.com
or** join us in Rust press F1 to open console and type:**

net.connect eude30.playrust.eu:28005

Be a Syner | SynStick.com