Hey everyone !

Présentation :

I’ m Mathieu and today i’ ve a released for you ! I’ m a html coder and i do for you a new ULX motd for FREE ! It’ s take me a lot’ s of time and i hope you enjoy it . Even if it ’ s free , please for more ULX motd or loading screen , you can donate to my server to help me .

Content :

This Pack contain a ULX Motd available in FR and in ENG . ( I’ m fr , it’ s why i’ m speaking english like a little kid ) Any way . This pack contain an ulx motd for Murder , Darkrp and TTT . All in FR and ENG .

I also do a read me to learn you how to install it .

I let you see the final in this vidéo


FR :
DarkRP :
Murder :

Darkrp :
Murder :

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Here is the vidéo

Hope you enjoy


I swear there is like a million free ULX MOTDs and they’re all a big grey square with either text or a web page inside


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Can’t say I see anybody using this…

Free ULX ‘Epic’ Motd.okay

how about we just don’t use ulx

Ugly MOTD and I don’t see much of a difference between it and the one that comes with it.

very ugly imo

I’m probably not going to donate money to someone who creates a very unpleasing MOTD. I’m sorry, but this MOTD does not look good.

Sure every body know that a server with no admin is a good server. And hes making this for ulx user so ez pz aime des aire

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There Are more Adminmods then “just” ulx.

I know mate xD

Whats the difference?

I tried this it is like the default one but worse good job man imma donate 500million dollars :wink:

100% extra grey.