New underground military tunnels? Awesome!

Haven’t seen any threads on this one.

What do you guys think of the new underground military tunnels concept.

I’m excited.
What about you guys?

i like it :slight_smile:

btw, do u guys know, is wipe needed after today patch?


From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing in todays patch that forces a wipe. Anyway, aren’t wipes normally of the first Thursday of the month?

I have no idea. I really don’t know.

From what i’ve heard they’re first thursday of the month.

i was just about to start a new threat demanding tunnels :slight_smile:

yea lets dig underground, build traps, escape tunnels, underground basements…would be cool!

You will not be able to dig tunnels it’s a pre fab like rad towns

What if they added a shovel where you could dig tunnels, trenches, moats, bunkers, and basements.

The possibilities are endless.

I might start a new thread on this :happy:

The program WONT allow it. This isnt a vowel game. Haven’t you realized that when C4 goes off the ground doesn’t show any mark! No crater no sing at all of the explosion. Your thinking of other games which are based on completely different engines it’s NEVER going to be possible in rust

No forced wipe today.

Never say never you unoptimistic bastard.

Lol just kidding…

Unity isn’t set up for it, I don’t see that changing for a very very very long time but your right it’s possible that the engine designers will decide to completely remwrite unity and then Facepunch will decide to completely remwrite Rust AGAIN lol

Well they did caves and they have tunnels in Hapis so obviously they already have a plan to get around the issue.

As long as players can’t build in it, I think it’s cool.

I did not say they can’t make tunnels I said that players will not be able to dig their own tunnels. These are prefab locations that will be on the map the same as the satellite dish and rad towns or the airfield

But they could implement a prefab tunnel, and you could place it like a foundation…

See there are ways around this…

You just can’t dig like in 7 days to die.

nah, imagine bases in there; would be awesome :smiley:

i will say this, i don’t think that the sites should all be radioactive. i think the radiation should potentially spawn in the middle of nowhere, and change the tone of the area; but not always be tied to the buildings. that way, players could potentially make more use out of the sites than just running in and out before they die.

They need proper rad suits that let you stay in a rad zone without taking any rads

What do these new underground dungeons mean for the current caves? Have they sorted out the terrain mesh issues?