New Unique Server: --->PVP with Safe Zones<--- Resource Farm|Extra Loot Boxes|Extra Animals|Instacraft|No Durability|No Fall Damage|Kits (starter/Signals x5)|

Wiped Today! 5/2

We have a unique setup going with the below mods…

Couple of unique things:

  1. PVE zones! (PVP will turn off when you enter these zones) See this screenshot for the zone map —>
    *When you enter a PVE safe zone you will see the pop-up message on the right side of your screen +“zone name”. When you exit the PVE safe zone the message will appear with -“zone name”.
  2. A loot farm is located north of small rad.
  3. Bank Vault Challenge - A few small metal houses will be hidden randomly around the map with a hidden chest in it with some VERY nice loot. You can identify the event house by the flag on top.
  4. Clean server: No hacking, no trolling, no abuse, no griefing, etc. Respect other players or get kicked. We are all here just to have a good time without the drama.
  5. Extra Loot boxes located around the map with animals guarding them
  6. Extra rad animals located around the map to give RUST a little extra challenge

NOTE: **We have turned off the ability to C4/nade through a metal wall. You must go through the doors to get into a metal base! This gives players a reason to build a metal base now. ** Yes, they will be harder to raid, but that gives you a reason to make more C4…get to work!
*Wood walls can be blown through as normal

Plug-Ins / Setup

– No Decay
– Sleepers
– InstaCraft
– No Durability
– No Fall Damage
– Chat History
– Random Airdrops @ 8+
– /who (how many players are online)
– Death messages (See who just got owned by a wolf)
– 2 kits —> 1. Starter Kit (Bow, 40 arrows, 500 Wood, Hatchet, 10 Cooked Chicken). 2. Signal (can only use 5x, but I am working on code to allow it every 8 real time hours).

Rules (bannable offenses) —> Do not skirt around these rules. I take them very seriously and will take action. We have some parents with kids that play with them and want a fun, clean gaming experience for them to enjoy. Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:

– No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught, banned and reported.
– No chat spam
– No voice Spam
No building in the loot farm! Your house will be removed!
– No religious bashing or racist remarks
– No VAC ban history on your steam account
– No use of foul language of any kind, you will be warned once and the second time removed from the server.
– No griefing (No building on others players bases unless you are raiding).


Server Location: LA, USA

We have one of the best setups around! Come check us out.

Wiped today 5/2.

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