New Update broke singleplayer thirdperson?

I quit Garry’s Mod last night before the most recent update (157). After school, I logged on to singleplayer to create some stuff, and when I looked at myself through a camera, I was invisible. Since it was working I haven’t touched anything in my GMod folder, so I have no idea what the cause could be other than the recent update.

More to the point: I want to know if anyone else is having this issue?

It seems like everyone is.
No one on the servers I play on can see themselves- however, others can see them just fine.

Im having This same issue also, both servers i admin

Yep, I have the issue too.

Me too. It looks ridiculous when you are, say, building a car and want at least the realism of the player actually being visible in the damn thing.

I’m just being a butthurt here, but is it realistic to see yourself from back?


Yes, this is a bug and has already been reported.