New update : Broken HUD, Broken sound, Player Crash on server join or change map ...


Do you want all the players to leave the game ?
Toodays update is just not possible. How can gmod testers let all these bugs go through ?

Sound is broken (Some weapons have incorrect sounds or no sound at all), Basic HUD is broken (I meen the HUD used in fretta13 based gamemodes)

Also when I join servers sometimes times I crash (Gmod close to windows), and I have very few addons and 0 lua errors in console.

Just do something, rollback to old version or something but please stop breaking what is working. 4 Updates in 2 months and every time people got problems (Crashes, broken addons…) ?!

Your pirated CSS content addons cause this problem. Uninstall them if you wish to fix it.

Buy CS:S and mount it legitimately, remove/disable your addons and pare down which ones are causing crashes, change your use of TEXT_ALIGNMENT enums for the HUD, don’t complain about crashes until you are providing specific reproduction methods or dump logs.

Removing them fixed the buggy HUD but of corse now many maps have errors everywhere because of missing textures.

SteamCMD can download the CSS contents on servers, without owning the actual game, can’t we use that to get the textures “legally” ? Buying a 20€ game I’m never going to play is not satisfying.

About my client crashes I have 2 mdmp files from tooday but I don’t know how to deal with them :

Then mount the content using mount.cfg and not your addons folder.

Was this update meant to break the addon? If so, good job. I’m really surprised there was even a way to block it.

It was not necessarily intentional, but a byproduct of a better mounting system that fixes a lot more problems.

How can you find your broken addons when you have almost 600? I dont find the time to look at each addon? Is there a way to check?

Its not a broken addon, is content from other games. If you have CSS, HL2:EP2 content or whatever, installed in the addons folder, remove it.

Is there a download to something that will fix all these problems? (No sound for menu, toolgun, footsteps, guns firing etc) Because I’m not going to buy a $10-$20 game just to make gmod playable. I have never had a problem with Gmod that I could personally not fix and have never really needed to come here- but this new update is just unacceptable. (At least tell me how to fix it)

No – why would the game support piracy? It’s a mod.


I don’t pirate games because that’s wrong; But you want to know what else is wrong? Poisoning someone and then telling them they have to buy your cure or they can die for all you care. Again, I did not ask about morals or piracy I asked is there any way I can fix this with-out having to do something drastic like quit garry’s mod all together?

You can always download the content from SteamCMD.

There’s no way to justify it, man. Using content from other games was always bad, but you didn’t care because it wasn’t causing problems. Now it does, and it wasn’t on purpose, but you also can’t expect the people here to support piracy just to help you. Nobody poisoned the game, the devs here don’t get any money if you buy CSS or HL2:EP2. All those things you say that don’t work, are not official content, so you really don’t “need” anything else to play GMod. If you WANT to use all the user content, well thats another story. You need other games because the user who created that addon used another game’s assets. You really can’t blame the devs.