New Update Bugged ASSMOD

Since the New update v109 ive been receiving an error from assmod


When i press = (My Ass Binded Key) it says Unknown command +ass_menu

If you can help it would be Great


try reinstalling assmod

Or get a different admin mod like Evlove or Exsto

the exsto project was down for a while but the lead dev prefanical contacted me, and the project is a go once again. I would go with exsto it already has allot to offer and will have more very soon.

What’s wrong with ASS?
It’s Great. GTFO.

Assmod is outdated and is a t a standstill as far as development. It also is buggy and has many leaks that can be exploited with a basic lua file.

Not when i used it :downs:
But mind due, i haven’t touched Gmod in a year so MEH.

it was outdated about two years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think ASSmod is great.
Better than ULX. :smiley:
in that case switch admin mods.