New Update Causes Random PvP Damage Multiplication / Division

So right after the recent Gmod Update, my server ( TTT ) has caused PvP damage to fluxuate from doing almost zero damage to hundreds of health points. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, as after the GMOD Update I was playing with ONE file. This one file has NOTHING to do with damage, since it’s my banning system I was tinkering with…

Fix for problems with TTT on their forums.

edit, Pesky Ninja’s

Thanks friends.

If anyone reads this thread looking for an answer, I’ll tell you that what they give doesn’t work… Or at least for me…

Use this:
function GM:ScalePlayerDamage(ply, hitgroup, dmginfo, real)
– There’s a phantom call to this function made by gmod, ignore it.
if not real then return end

– For unknown reasons, damage is doubled by gmod. Compensate for that here.
dmginfo:SetDamage(dmginfo:GetBaseDamage() / 2)

ply.was_headshot = false

if dmginfo:IsBulletDamage() and ply:HasEquipmentItem(EQUIP_ARMOR) then
– Body armor nets you a damage reduction.

– actual damage scaling
if hitgroup == HITGROUP_HEAD then
– headshot if it was dealt by a bullet
ply.was_headshot = dmginfo:IsBulletDamage()

  local wep = util.WeaponFromDamage(dmginfo)

  if IsValid(wep) then
     local s = wep:GetHeadshotMultiplier(ply, dmginfo) or 2
     dmginfo:ScaleDamage(s / 1.626409 )

if (hitgroup == HITGROUP_LEFTARM or
hitgroup == HITGROUP_RIGHTARM or
hitgroup == HITGROUP_LEFTLEG or
hitgroup == HITGROUP_RIGHTLEG or
hitgroup == HITGROUP_GEAR ) then

		dmginfo:ScaleDamage(0.55 / .3043478 )


– Keep ignite-burn damage etc on old levels
if (dmginfo:IsDamageType(DMG_DIRECT) or
dmginfo:IsExplosionDamage() or
dmginfo:IsDamageType(DMG_FALL) or
dmginfo:IsDamageType(DMG_PHYSGUN)) then

I probably shoulda used the fractions I got instead since they’re more accurate… I’ll edit it tomorrow with the actual fractions.

It works fine on my server.

For some reason the solution that forum gave me had only worsened the problem so I just made my own equations to figure it out… Not sure why it’s different for me yet.