New update date ?

Any idea on when is the next update with all these thing that people are talking about ? (new map, bear trap, stone base …) too long period without update :frowning:

Problably never! Put that in your mind and next time think before waste money for nothing. I DONT WANT AN UPDATE, JUST NOTICES ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT, but we get nothing from them so fuk it!

Learn to be patient, content just doesn’t get pulled out of their ass.

you made me laugh haha…

“Explain patches better. Make them an event. Pre-patch leaks. This is something we have been guilty of. You work on a patch, add two new weapons and a bunch of new features. And the only horn blowing you do is a changelist on a website. That’s great for existing players because they’re going to see that stuff anyway. But it’s missing an opportunity to suck more new players into the game. Valve basically do this with TF2. Instead of releasing 3 patches a week, they save it up for a huge cumshot every month or so… with lots of speculation in between. I think this is something we can apply to rust later on. We still want to kick out regular, weekly updates. But maybe we can make more of a spectacle of the bigger additions etc.”

So kids, let them do their jobs and you won’t be disappointed :dance:



Would probably be small fixes again,they save content already finished to release a bigger update (sometime in the future).
Stone Foundations/structures would be a nice thing to have