New update deletes prisoner_pods.

After upgrading to the newest version of Garry’s Mod I noticed the pod’s in Industrial17 where gone. The console shows this:

Any way I can disable the Anti Crazy Origin thingy? I have no idea myself.

Do you use VCMod?


How are you spawning your pods? Or are they spawned by default?
Also, crazyphysics is disabled for vehicle in a hotfix that should (or is) come out today.

It started right after I updated. And they are a part of the Industiral17 map, if you wanna try yourself here is the map:

We are aware of the problem. ( and why it happens )

Thanks for the reply! :smile:
I just needed to know if it was a bug or some feature you could disable.

It can be fixed by addons that create those entities right now.

And how?

By destroying the physics objects left behind by SetParent