New update, Gamemodes, and Content

Okay, with the new update, I haven’t been able to get into any online games that aren’t sandbox. Whenever I host a gamemode that isn’t sandbox, it opens sandbox. I can’t spawn props/ragdolls/entities from CS:S, TF2, don’t know about others. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, I know my friends is. I’m pretty sure its Garry’s new engine update, but I’m not sure. Please post if you have/had the same problem, or if you know how to fix it.

Perhaps try cleaning gmod? Rename the “garrysmod” folder to “garrysmod_old” and relaunch gmod.

I did that, I completly re-installed gmod, I deleted all content, and reinstalled, didn’t work

Verify the integrity of the game cache for CS:S and any other games you are having problems with. There was a recent update for CS:S that completely switched around its directories.

Thanks, but I still need help fixing the gamemodes

Ok, I fixed the CS:S and TF2 content not working. . .
Somehow, without my knowing, they were uninstalled from my computer

re-install your gamemodes, addons as well.

Ok, thanks