New update huge problem

With the new update I can’t play single player or create multilplayer which Is hyper annoying is anyone else having this problem also in terminal it loads like usual until when I click single player than it makes the usual beeping noise but nothing comes up same for create multiplayer as well any fixes?

So wait, this is new then?

Mere days ago I upgraded to my new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium, and I only just tried GMod for the first time on this machine. I get the same thing, loads the main menu, but clicking single-player registers in the console as an “unknown command”, and even if I open a map via console, the map loads but the “Q” menu doesn’t show up, and all the custom UI elements inherent in GMod are FUBAR.

If this is a result of a recent update, then that’s good, because it means it’s not just my issue and Garry will have a prompt fix.

This is dreadful I love gmod grr another week for an update this was a mistake