New Update Made Rust Unplayable :dead:

So I have about 400 hours in rust, and play it quite often, so you can only imagine the annoyance to have the latest update break my game.

I speak for myself though, I don’t know of anyone else having any issues, but I’ve never had any kind of issue with rust before this, and now with the update, my game is completely broken!

So rust launches normally into the unity launcher, and then into the menu, everything is fine, I click to join a server, and it loads normally until it reaches “terrain textures” at which point my audio card crashes, and my computer becomes unusably slow/unresponsive, for the duration of up to 20 and sometimes 30 minutes. I also seem to lose connection to the internet in this time. Rust will eventually stop responding and crash, returning my computer to normal. I’ve never had this problem with rust before, and never with any other game. I’m a little disappointed because I do enjoy playing rust, but since thursday’s update, this has been happening everytime I try to join a server.
Like I said before though, my friends manage to load and connect without issue.

I went looking for a fix or someone having a similar issue, and it seems like there isn’t really anyone with a similar problem. I tried to verify my game, and even re-install entirely, but to no success.
Some help would be greatly appreciated! I couldn’t find any fixes online, so I’ve come to the forums in hopes of maybe figuring this out.


AMD R9 280x 3GB
idk the name of my processor but its a quad at like 2.8
Windows 7

Update driver’s?

I believe so yes.

Try rolling back a driver and see what happens

Nothing really changed, sadly s:

bump, mostly because idk what to do, and I’d really like to be able to play rust again. :dead:

Do this in order;

  1. Install malwarebytes “Free version” Do a full scan
  3. Do a windows update - Take out the ones you don’t want ex; language updates
  4. Verify game files - again if you did before
  5. When you launch the game put it to High Priority If you don’t know how, Use google.
  6. Test it out. hope it works out for ya.

thanks for your input Mannix, I’ve tried your fix as well.
I’ve posted on this issue in this thread…its not a fix but its an answer, you are not alone.

So your system should be able to handle rust. I agree with the above post that it sounds network related, but answer a few more questions.
Are you running off wifi or LAN?
When was the last time you reformatted your PC?
Do you run any network Security or Firewall? Does Rust have exceptions to run?
Reinstalled Rust with Admin Rights?

Now if the answers go: LAN, within 6 months, No firewall/Rust has exceptions, and Yes…then I would say it could be packet loss. If so you can check that with downloading a program called WireShark. Its a packet sniffer program and super useful with debugging network issues; you can find demoes on it on Youtube. Nmap is also useful to see if Rust has rights to the proper ports on your PC.