New update - new crash ...

Few days ago I’ve fixed gmod crash on launch. Today is Friday, I’m tired, want an entertainment, I launch GMod after I saw new update downloaded game crashed. Again on launch. Can’t Garry take care about launch crash not aboutrare prop/ragdoll crashes?

P.S After played 500+ hrs on many acc I’ve never met prop/ragdoll crash.

I didn’t release an update.

Garrysmod -> Right Click -> Set Launch options add “-dxlevel 81”

I think I have same issue

sometimes when is player killed mah game crashes …
dont have dump anything … hl.exe without telling me log

I alreaddy tryed -dxlevel 81
reinstalled gmod …
updated drivers
damn it … dunno what with that
defragmented and validated gmod,css,hl2,hl2ep1,hl2ep2,tf2,hl2coast,hl2dm … etc …

anybody should tell me how to fix it … or how to get logs to know where is problem ?