New update problems

Hello everyone,

after today update, i got a strange problem on my server.I did everything i do every time a new update comes out, i saved world data, installed new update on server, because its modded, i installed oxide and oxideIO and start server again.
All players are dead by auto turret, there are no buildings (player made) on map, and they lost all the loot.
I was sure that saves are corrupted (that never happens to me before) so i deleted few of them and forced older ones but i cant bring back player bases and loot.
Any advise on this?

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Maybe forced map wipe today?

Remember to read the devblog every time there is an update, it clearly states on the very first line even, that there is a mapwipe.

Typically map wipes occur on the first update of the month, like this update

I am having problems post-patch. Whenever I log in, I get the following error repeated a thousand times at startup. I also cannot log in to any server.

"This custom render path shader needs to have at least 2 passes. "

I have never had this issue before.
OS: mint Mint 17.3 rosa
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 3.19.0-32-generic
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K CPU @ 3.9GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 970
RAM: 4661MiB / 15909MiB

Im getting a problem with items equipped to my hot bar. If i wake up anything in my hotbar is fine, but when i drag a new item into my hotbar it doesnt equip when it should. The weird thing is if i equip a gun other people can see it but i cant fire. also when i upgrade a building it wont show up until i wake up again. like it visually for me stays twig.its so wierd.

OS:Windows 10
CPU:AMD 4130
GPU:GeForce GTX 550 ti