New Update?

Heya good people and developers,

Me and my friend were playing the expirimental version the other day and we actually talked about the new stuff rust has been developing. But we couldnt find anything about a planned update or such. So we actually want ask if there is some information about maybe a new update? Because the timer in the upper right of our screen shows that it was 2 years since the laste update will it actually take like 4 years to publish an new update or are we so blind that we didnt see which stuff was added lately.


sounds like you are probably playing the legacy version, which at this stage will not be updated.

the most current updates are applied to the dev branch version of experimental (“play rust”), and go to for weekly devblogs letting you know where they are up to.

Hey thanks for the answer! But i recently skipped from legacy to expirimental (glad i did :p) and i see al these updates on the website but they only apply to the dev build but unfortunatly it gets whiped pretty often so i rather play on the normal expirimental version but i was following the progress of the cupboard ( the building protection) because in my server i often get boxed in instead of raided and its fucking annoying so i was trying to discover when it will be implemented into normal expirimental :).

Thanks again for the speedy reaction!

Usually within the same week that a change is announced it is added, and in most cases within 2-3 days. When big updates come many servers still have to wipe tho, granted not as often as the dev branch does.

So i hear alot of people talking avout friday a server wipe due too a server update could the toolboard then be added since it was from devblog 33?

Here’s the Rust development changelog, @RustUpdates.

To subscribe to this build, which will have your Steam downloading updates 10-25 times a day, go into the Betas tab and select “development” from the dropdown. I don’t recommend it, but that’s how it can be done if you want to check out the latest bleeding-edge updates.

The ‘standard’ branch of the new version of Rust (what used to be called experimental) generally gets updated every Friday, with the Friday devblog essentially being summarized patch notes.

However, on this past Friday, there was no update because, as garry explained in the devblog, building isn’t ready for unleashing on everyone and needs some more time in the oven, which is one of the focuses of this week. This means that everything since the changes introduced in Devblog 33 are not live on the main branch until garry’s ready to push the new building design out, and that includes cupboards.

In short, when garry has gotten the development branch to a point where he’s ready to push the update to everyone, the Steam version identifier for the normal branch gets updated to match the latest version of the development branch – which triggers the update to push the new version to everyone. After switching experimental to the default version, garry changed the non-developmental branch update frequency from 2-3/day to 1/week. Because building wasn’t ready, the development branch didn’t copy over onto the main branch. It would take extra work on garry’s part to revert all the building changes that aren’t ready and produce a build that does include the cupboard update but not the stuff that isn’t ready, and it’s just easier for him to… not update until it’s ready. Because if you want to try it, you can just flip the drop-down to development and try it without inconveniencing ~2 million people with a download for a patch garry doesn’t think is ready.

Switching to the development build means you’ll need to connect to development-branch servers, and usually won’t be able to connect to normal ones. It’s easy to switch back, however.

The “Days since last update” value is not counting real days since updating, I’m not sure what it’s counting but it’s flatly wrong as far as real time goes. Nobody outside Facepunch had heard of anything involving Rust two years ago, and it has certainly been updated since then.

Wow man youre awesum thanks alot for all this info all this devblog stuff on the website makes more sense now really thank you! And let me just say i am glad that garry doesnt push things but takes the time to actually complete it instead of giving half ass updates so for now i gues i will play the development edition till gary think the build system is complete enough for normal build!

Everyone thanks for the comments it helped me out alot!