New Updates (rust ideas)

Some of the new ideas that garry was talking about were kind of cool to me, the idea that when your house is compromised you can get a text on your phone. i really like this idea, its not like i can do anything about it if im away from home at the time but it seems really cool to me :slight_smile: if they were going to add this one other thing i think would be really cool is if they sent out some kind of report to your phone or application you could log into on your phone, would show stats like resources gathered, zombies killed, people killed etc.

also for defense systems for the house, ive heard people talking about how cool explosive traps would be cool, and i like this idea but i doubt itll work for friends and stuff like this and would probably lead to lots of them being placed in the forest or brush randomly, which would be hilarious but not so fun :slight_smile:
i would like the idea of a type of animal hunting items, at the moment id like to think of the bow personally for newer players who cant craft guns yet or people who like to hunt and not waste ammo, to add to the hunting aspect itd be nice if we could have bear traps or rabbit traps in the game, not sure what theyd entirely do besides maybe just kill the animals and maybe it has a chest to hold the items in it has to be player reset, or something close to that. rabbit cages would be cool to craft, say they attract any chicken/rabbit in a certain radius and when an animal touches it (chicken/rabbit) it kind of turns into a box with an image of the rabbit/chicken in it so that way they dont have to keep the animal rendered.

and im not entirely sure how the direction of this game is entirely going i do like the updates but i read that they want a certasin kind of mix between warz, dayz, minecraft etc…
so i think itd be really cool to add underground kind of bases, i heard they were trying to add boxes/ chests you can hide under the ground slightly, no idea if theres any truth to this, but for the underground bases im not saying like an entire cattocombs or anything but atleast 1x1 underground with a window (or hole) that can be placed on the ceiling with ladders that can be crafted to get out maybe a hatch that could be placed on it as well then if u get enough wood or maybe if they add more grass type items a type of camoflauge could be placed on top of the hatch, and i know theres no type of system for building underground and i know nothing about how hard this would be to add to the game but what i was kind of thinking was if when u build the base for it to be placed underground would kind of go phantom through the floor and make the ground be passable, kind of phantom as well. not sure if anyone else thinks that idea would be good but id love for a secret little 1x1 room, or even for starter bases because most houses atm take up alot of space or your neighbors next door your always thinking their week or their strong depending on how big their houses are and will try to raid them.
(just ideas for the game. not trying to change the way the games going)

What do you have against fullstops?

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He didn’t go far enough, “OP kill urself” would have fit better.

I’m not trying to be mean, but those are all terrible ideas.