New US-based PvP-heavy server for mature, veteran players! Raid-Town|Veteran/PvP/Instacraft/Sleepers


Location: US-West (Los Angeles)

Capacity: 200 Slots

To connect directly, type F1 to enter the console and then type “net.connect” (without the quotation marks).

Looking for a server where you can join factions, build strongholds, and go to war with others in a never-ending territorial battle across the anarchic, might-makes-right wastes of Rust Island? Then come to this server and join the fun. We’re just starting out and looking for more mature, experienced players to form solid, battle worthy armies.

The following are allowed and highly encouraged on this server:

  • Large scale battles
  • Guerrilla skirmishes
  • Retaliatory base strikes in the dead of night
  • Banditry, intimidation, and extortion
  • Hired assassination
  • Vendettas and Feuds
  • Etc., etc., etc…


  • PvP, PvP and more PvP
  • Instacraft (to get to the fighting faster!)
  • Fair/Non-Abusive Admins
  • Stable, Minimal Lag Server
  • No wiping the server unless ABSOLUTELY necessary
  • Hackers and cheaters are banned immediately

See you on-line!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not two for your server" - postal))