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Hello fellow RUSTies! I just started a brand new server and I’m really looking forward to getting a good player base. I’m also recruiting for admins so if you are interested, contact me in game on my server and we’ll talk. I own my own company in RL so I really need some admin help to cover me when I’m out on business!! I am super friendly, love to help out noobies and will work hard to keep the hackers at a minimum!! I hope to see you all in game!!

Server Opened 5/15/2014

You can connect through the Console with: net.connect, but the server name is the title of this thread (in case you didn’t notice).

I also have my own TS3 server specifically for this RUST server. Hit me up in game for the info!!

Every new player gets any one blueprint of their choice!!!


I expect everyone to be friendly/respectful, PvP is allowed and encouraged but to each his own. If you prefer the building/improving aspect then have at it, but beware of the constant threat of an invasion!! With that said, I will NOT tolerate camping and/or harassment. However, griefing is allowed, especially amongst warring clans. Although I do “request” (not require) that sleeping bags are left alone. I think we can all agree that it totally sucks to spawn in a random shitty place on the map and have to find our way back to familiar territory. But if I am on, and you are nice to me, I just might help you out with a quick teleport…maybe. :wink:

I’m going to do everything I can to avoid server wipes, we all know how much starting over sucks! For those of you that like starting over, just find a new location on the map that isn’t over populated and have at it! I am looking into a mod(s) that allow partial/targeted wipes but don’t yet have any implemented. IF a wipe does happen then I will be providing starter packages to everyone that stay loyal to the server and comes back. Plus a few additional air drops to boost moral!

I’ve cut the time it takes to craft items in half! If you all (the community) find this to be a turn off, please let me know and I’ll change it back to normal. I just hate to wait so… damn… long… to make things that I need asap, but I don’t want to ruin the game either, so if you all have more patience than I, I’m more than happy to put it back to normal.

I’ve decided to run Oxide on this server to provide some extra features and cool shit to play around with! I’m adding new mods as needed/requested (as long as they don’t change the gameplay of the server too drastically) and if you all have any special requests, hit me up in game!

Mods currently (or soon to be) active

Essentials: Adds many commands/functions to gameplay for players and Admins. Use this url for a massive list of commands. NOTE: not all commands are usable players… http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/essentials.425/
-Protection: This protects brand new players from PvP combat so that they can learn how to play (or have the chance to build themselves up) without continuously being killed by other players. Lasts for 2 in game (logged onto server) hours or until the player participates in any type of PvP actions, ie hurting another player (on purpose or not) or damages another players property.
-WelcomeKit: Every player automatically receives a Welcome Kit on the first connection to the server. (Looking forward to feedback on this one, don’t want to ruin the gameplay)
-Airdrops: Advanced airdrops setup on recurring intervals with PvP disabled for a certain time period. So hurry up and get to the drop point and loot as much as you can then GTFO before you get keeled!!
-Advanced Missions: Gives you all something to do when not hunting each other down. Type /mission for a list of mission commands.
-Market: The ability to sell/trade items and goods, for those interested.
-Banking/Economy: For those players who enjoy a more PvE style of gameplay, or anyone wanting to use the market.
-Hunger Games: Will be activated upon request from players. Creates a hunger games scenario where players opt-in with a simple slash command and are teleported to a designated area to fight to the death, last man standing wins EPIC loots.
-Compass, Direction & Landmark Notifications: Use the slash command /dir to find out which direction you are facing, /compass to have an auto message every 5 seconds tell you your direction, and /LM, /Lm or /lm to be given landmarks nearest to you so help you know/find where you are on the map.
-AirdropInBound: Notifies all players of an airdrop and tells you your current distance to the release coordinates and the direction based on current position on the map.
-Friends & Friendly Fire: Allows players to create a friends list. (Admins can turn on and off friendly fire at will, so don’t piss us off! ;-p) /friend to show your friends list, /friend “name” to add someone to your friends list, /friend remove “name” to remove someone from your friends list (can’t be friends again!) The removal of someone from your friends list means you can’t add him back to friends list. Be careful of what you do!!
-Ownership Remover: Allows players to remove/take back or destroy any object that he/she has built (foundation owner only), ie walls, doors, panels etc. Mostly beneficial for accidental misplacement while building, but great for that long anticipated remodel/expansion!!


Thank you all for checking out my server, hope to see you in game!!

Hey Talan! It was nice to meet you in game! Sorry I couldn’t stay long, work calls you know? Anyway, great job on the server mods man! Really loving the features you’ve implemented so far and looking forward to more!

For those of you considering checking this server out, DO IT! Starter kit and PvP protection is SWEET! Gives you plenty of time to get yourself established enough to hold your own against players that have been around for a while already. Plus many more cool features you’ll have to check out yourself!

Again, great job Talan! See you in game!

Great choice of mods! Looking forward to seeing what else you add to the server! Good job and kudos! See you in game!

Added a home teleportation mod to see how it goes.


The idea is to give people a way to quickly return home from a long gathering/exploration journey. Or if the unexpected need to log off quickly arises, you can just type /home and you’ll be teleported there. Use /sethome to set the location. You can have 2 total home locations.

There is a delay on how quickly the teleport happens once the command is entered, as well as a timer for how soon you can do it again. This will hopefully limit the abuse.

It costs money (earned by killing animals/players) to teleport back to your home.

If you take welcome kits out or any other kits I’d be happy to join the server. I think kits completely ruin the gameplay.

Honestly this is a really good server. I hate having kits but the admin is a really cool dude and let me have just the default items instead of the welcome kit. I was able to play like it was vanilla. If you’re not into kits or economy I’d rate this server an 8/10 but if you love kits and economy, I’d rate it 10/10.

I hadn’t played the game in a few months and this is one of the first servers I tried when i came back, glad i did, the admins really nice and on basically all the time. and there’s plenty of people shooting each other but everyone’s still pretty nice if you haven’t started a battle on the server. I’d say definitely join the server.

Been playing Rust off and on for the last few months, definitely like the game n.n But this server is pretty much kick ass, the Admin is super nice, when the he had to do a server restart and i lost some of my important hard to get items, he replaced them for me d(^.~)z There is enough pvp to go around!!

The weather is good by me! :smiley:

Implemented an XP/Leveling system that gives you XP for killing animals and players.

You get one skill point per level gained to spend on any skill of your choice, maxes out at 1000 total points.

Type /skills in game to see a list of available skills to learn, your current level and how many points you have available (if any).

Type /learn skill name to learn any particular skill. For example, if you train in the rifles skill, you will do increased damage with rifles as you level it up.

I have nerfed Armor and Shields skills to cap out at 50 each to limit the ability for people to become nearly un-killable by stacking all their points into them.