New US Central Server PvP/Sleep/No Lag and Events net.connect

I know I know, there are a million of these out there now, I figured I would put this out there anyway. I have a 50 slot server and I’m looking for people to start populating it if they are interested. I like the 50 slots for right now, but if I start getting requests to bump it up, I will happily do that.

PvP and Sleep is enabled and for getting in early will get a solid start, just like any other server since there will be a lot of resources up with little competition. We have two admins who will never abuse power and are active players. After the holidays, we will start to run events (one for example being melee battle arena) all with prizes ranging from blue prints to supply signals with guaranteed safe delivery of your item in your base.

Merry Christmas everyone, join in if you would like :slight_smile:

Server IP:
Server Name: ![US Central] PvP/Sleep/Events!

-Orphan Harvest.