NEW US CHICAGO - "tRUST - New02/24 ++ NoWipes Daytime Airdrops AntiCheat Admins"

Push F1 & copy/paste “net.connect”

Just Installed Brand New

Reasons to play in the title, annually permanent server with no wipes, lag or downtime

Admins will be around alot for cheaters if CheatPunch doesn’t get them, not for ANY admin abuse

Expect Airdrops at random and/or at 20 players

Please join and make yourself comfortable in knowing this is perm and no wiping!

Push F1 & copy/paste “net.connect”

No wipes? So that means when there’s a game update you guys won’t be doing those either? lol

game updates should not force a wipe anymore, the worlds are saved and can be re imported after a mod update.

Where’d you hear that? I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect lol

admin changed Airdrops to 20 players but will still drop random ones

Perm daytime was removed, server name is now

tRUST - New02/24 - NoWipes Airdrops AntiCheat Admins

Thank you

just to confirm, today there was a game patch which went fine without wiping and no need to backup/restore the world with ++ running.

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actually we have a problem with ++ which needs an update released now, but the world saves works.

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So the deal is after an update, the game goes back to Vanilla but world saves are still working, until ++/OXIDE gets patched then can be re implemented into the same world.

good server i like it so far :>

just to be clear this server host does automatic world backups for restore in case of update wipe or corruption,

update; we have a handful of players but need more, airdrops are too op with too few

update - oxide was installed with owner remover tool and airdrops at 15 players, there are about 10 regulars now only, hope you join in!

thank you

bump !