[NEW] [US] East Coast PVP/SLEEPER Great people, great events

[NEW] [US] East Coast PVP/SLEEPER net.connect

Looking for a new server? A new Beginning ? Head start Pack (Per Person) -Wood Foundation 1 -Wood Wall 4 -Wood Door way 1 -Wood Ceiling 1 -Metal Door 1 -Hunting Bow/Arrows -Hatchet / Pick Axe Look for me or ask for The_Governar

We have a nice assortment of people so far ranging from smart builders to arms dealers. People have been actively trading more then i expected and its created a nice sense of community.

If you need help just ask for it and someone, if not me or Governar, will come give you a hand.

Some users running windows 8.1 have had trouble entering the game. Some other users have found a fix that works for them : Right click on rust, go to properties, click ‘set launch options’ and enter : -force-d3d11