*New* [US-EAST] "Columbus Ohio" |Durability Disabled|TPA|Home|InstaCraft|NoDecay|WelcomeKit|Ma ture Admins|NO WIPES|Newb Friendly|Airdrops 1hr

*Durability Disabled
*Home recall “Max 2 homes”
*Player List
*No Decay
*Nice welcome kit
*Server wide death messages
*Mature Admins “were over 30”
*No Wipes “Unless Mandatory” they will be reverted via saves
*Newb Friendly “If you’re new to the game or a veteran this is a good server for you”
Plenty of tools to help you get started, and feel free to ask questions
*Airdrop automated every hour on the hour.
*Admin opportunities to dedicated and helpful/mature players

We are a new server looking for players to come and join in on the fun and make this your new home
Come visit us today - [US-EAST]!Durability Disabled![Tpa][Home][InstaC][NoDecay][+More
Press f1 and type net.connect

Hope to see you soon