New US EAST (PvP/Sleep/No Admin Abuse)


We have just got our server up and running and are currently inviting you to come help build a player base with us.

(PvP/Sleepers/Noob Friendly)
[US EAST] NEW! Arena of Mayhem and Madness
Press F1 net.connect

We have weekly events planned but are just waiting a little but before we implement them. Being that we are a new server we are willing to take suggestions on these events and are looking forward to working with players.

Our server features:

  • 50 Slots
  • US Server (NYC)
  • Active Admins
  • Non Abusing Admins (Do not spawn for themselves or others)
  • Friendly environment for new players (hint/tips/tricks)
  • Events
  • PvP: On
  • Sleepers: On
  • Normal Craft Time
  • Airdrops: usually 15-20 players
  • Raiding: Allowed