New! [US]East - Sleepers|PVP|No Craftable C4|Door Share|Active Admins|.5 Craft

Hello, I would like to invite you to play on a new server, that will be live at 1/18 10:30 pm eastern time, “[US]East - Sleepers|PVP|No Craftable C4|Door Share|Active Admins|.5 Craft”. This will be a great server for anyone who is playing solo, or with their buddies! With the help of our veteran admins I can assure absolutely no admin abuse on the server.

We really hope to see you there, just casual FUN without constant over powered raids and abusive admins.

To Connect - Launch game, hit “F1” and type “net.connect”

Highlights of the server

  1. 1/2 Crafting time
  2. PVP enabled
  3. Sleepers enabled
  4. Zero tolerance for hacking no matter who you are
  5. Active admins to ban cheaters and police the server
  6. Only wiping for big patches
    Server Mods from Oxide:: These will be loaded to the server to improve your rust experience.
  7. Door sharing for you and your teammates
  8. Chat history
  9. Player List
  10. No craftable C4(can still be obtained by looting it in game)