(New) US EAST/ Vanilla/ No Dura/ Active-fair-playing-non-raiding Admins/Airdrops at 40 to start. (Fresh Wipe-New server) 5-16

After being a fair admin for several months on a different active successful server that the owner shut down, I have started my own.

Active playing adult admin who does not raid or spawn in items.

Airdrops to 40 (will drop after a few days)

Hackers/cheaters/glitchers not allowed and actively hunted.

Durability off.


Add me on steam to report issues http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993539171


pop is growing fast, hackers banned immediately!

Hackers banned ASAP! Active fair admins

just switched servers to get rid of some lag and it’s great now! Active admins, happy players


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Couple of big groups, but they are playing it slow to give other a fair shake. Come join the fun