NEW!! [US.SanJose] 4/28 [Half-Craft][3x Dura] Airdrop@15 LEGIT ADMINS - NO ABUSE GUARANTEED - NOOB FRIENDLY - CONTACT SUPPORT - 24/7 Up-Time - Vanilla

Server IP:
Wiped: 4/28/2014
Location: San Jose California US

Brand New Server in US San Jose wiped 4/28/2014 with Half-Craft - 3x Dura and @15popAirdrop - Active Admins from US & Asia/Australia - Owner has 350+ hours on RUST and has experience running multiple RUST Servers and Minecraft Servers. Our goal for this server is to have a server WITHOUT ADMIN ABUSE OR HACKERS! We have been on at least 52 RUST Servers so far and we have experienced admin abuse in about 32 of them. No joke. So, we decided to create a server on our own with Active | Fair Admins.
We are looking for groups, individuals and experienced players. Our server is also noob friendly, so if you are new to RUST, the admin will be able to help you learn the game if needed. Server Wide events are not happening at this moment in time, but Community Driven Vanilla server is where its at! Join us today to get the best RUST server admin experience we can muster!

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Pretty good so far. Haven’t been KOSed yet so that’s a plus. Met some guy who game me food and shit so yeah. Will be maining on it for awhile. :D!

Awesome server!

We just set up 4 admins. One from EU, Australia, Asia and US so that there is an admin almost all the time for anyone playing from around the world.

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Changed x3 Dura to No-Dura

Still looking for active players on our server! Our admins are willing help anybody that needs it at any time. You can contact them in-game or if the admin is not present you can add an admin on Skype or Steam.

Still looking for active players! We added a new admin!

Pretty active at the moment! Lots of fun!

Come join it :stuck_out_tongue:

Goooood shiiiit