New US Server [US] Nomad Gaming (Sleep/PvP) [Noobs Welcome]

Brand spanking new server is up and running!
Just started this server yesterday, and im inviting everyone to come and join us :slight_smile:

Sleepers: ON
Slots: 256
Active Admins!

Server Info:

  • [US] Nomad Gaming (Sleep/PvP) [Noobs Welcome]

  • IP:

  • Console Command (Press F1): Net.Connect

  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and join us :wink:

Awesome server been playing on it for 10+ hours now so many resources around need more people bring it on!

bump have about 6 players building and farming get into the server now before it gets to big

dont join the big servers most are filled with Abusive admins and hackers