New (US) World Of Chaos Server sleeper/pvp/fastcraft

Multiplay :: [US]WorldOfChaos[PVP][1/4Craft]NoLag
(Open up the console (F1) and then type in: net.connect )

250 Slot Server

We are here to help you with a fun and enjoyable gaming experiance to this wonderful game even though it is alpha but feels more than that. We do not Abuse our Admin abilities. We have expectations for everyone just as you would have expectations of us. We will not tolerate Hacking or using exploits. We plan to have Events once a week for everyone to enjoy. Crafting is much faster. Our plans for Events will not be discussed at this time. Airdrops will drop only when 10 players are online. Sleeper on, PVP on. Join and see if this server is for you, Test your connection with the server and see if you will enjoy the connection. Hope to see you here in a World Of Chaos!

Also, Each week, there will be certain buildings such as Small to medium to large Shacks and of course what I would call Fortresses for players to Raid for Rewards!

Also Visit my Group page for Announcements, Updates on what will be going on within the server, when there will be Server wipes, and also to report for hacking,exploits and also if you see anything suspicious going on with anyone “Including Admins Which is highly unlikely” Join World of Chaos and become part of the community!

:o I love the craft speed

All is welcome! Join the community!