new use for bones

Ok Idk about you all but bones could use more crafting things. I have 5,000 bones in my base.

So how about…

High bone walls!!! And maybe a gate!

Acts like wood just different skin.

And I Fucked up on a post how can I remove it? Derp

Would love to see more types of High Exterior walls, maybe Armored as well?

Yeah bone walls sound really cool

What about just making glue and really annoy your raiding neighboors, by attaching all kinds of crap to their exteriors. I would.

coat your base in bones, adds +100hp to walls xD

Bone arrows for extra bleeding. Shit can be surprisingly jagged and sharp.

Would also be a cool alternative material for tools. Bone handles instead of wood.

Bone spikes or barricades for awesomeness.

That’s all I can think of on the fly but I fully agree there needs to be more uses for bones and leather.

A set of nice bone throwing knives would be cool

That would be nice