New user, first few tries at movies

Always been a fan of sandboxes, but never made movies really. Gave it a try.

Bash em gently please :3

You can’t make pancakes in a microwave!

odd, and funny

I didn’t say they made sense :smiley:

You did well.

You did good for a first.
All i can say is, try more unique angles for camera, avoid screen shots or still photo’s
Work on your transitions from still to moving.
But you will do fine, judging just from the first 12 seconds.

but u can re-heat pancakes in the microwave O:?!@?!@!

lol i liked the second the best

You can on some.

Goddamn, best first tries I’ve ever seen. The first ones that don’t overuse old ideas, too.

I think you did pretty good! Atleast these were somehow orginal and not done 1000000 times. I think when you make some more and practise, you can soon make very funny videos : )

I like these, they’re very odd and quirky, the music fits the feel perfectly and adds to it, and you don’t feel as though it’s another cookie cutter boring comedy movie. Nice work.

there’s already way too many people that just slap a bunch of ragdolls and tf2/l4d voices together… I suggest being original. I may sound like a dick, but please take it into consideration.