I was just banned from rust. Not going to argue it even though I used it for the server I was admin on. Anyways im glad there was a ban wave.

are you fishing for sympathy or something?

Me too, such sad, no more rust for me :C

Well, expect a lot of complaints that Rust is incorrectly banning people, now.

yea… inb4 next wave of “i never cheat dawg unban me meow!!”

(User was banned for this post ("Meme reply" - Craptasket))

My friend (not irl) got banned :stuck_out_tongue: should i feel bad for laughing? I’m so happy :zoid:
edit. all this hacking scum rating me dumb makes me even more happy

Well, if you cheated (for whatever reason) than yay, this thread makes me happy.
Cheaters begone.

No im not doing this for sympathy. Rust deserves to be hacker free.

Obvious cheater that came into my server yesterday and got reported ain’t VAC banned :frowning:

This thread makes me happy. :slight_smile:

MOAR ban waves please!! Only makes the game better :dance:

next time read valves tos, reports arent even accepted nor beeing handled…/brain?

aaaand rust is top seller now

I press “report” and the option for cheating etc. is there, so I assume they actually use what they present. If you say not than that’s too bad. Still, even though they might not look into the report, the guy was confirmed cheating and is not banned, so my reply still stands.

So I went ahead and skimmed through the TOS, this is what I have found: “… you acknowledge and agree that an online multiplayer host may report your use of Cheats to Valve, and Valve may communicate your history of use of Cheats to other online multiplayer hosts.” – Perhaps it’s the /brain thing that makes me wonder what you were actually referring to, as it seems your reply is incorrect.

I noticed that Rust has become a top seller since VAC was loaded too… Coincidence? Lol

No, expect complaints of




banned people.

Ban all cheaters.
Don’t bitch about it if you used any modded stuff which probably gave you some ‘benefits’.

Now we need to make high Gamma settings on monitors VAC Bannable.

Everyone can do this. You don’t even need any program for that.
Cheats are another thing.

except that’s dumb and not even possible.