New Vagas Roleplay.

Yes, again.

I know there is a way you can eat corpses… But how?
What do I need to activate for it?

this didnt deserve a thread.

There is a way to ACTIVATE it.
But… HOW?!
And… Google sucks when looking for gmod RP things.

If you’ve got full permissions, there should be a global settings menu available to you. Just keep looking.

/me eats the dead corpse

Google is just a search engine you can’t say it sucks.

You spelt Vegas wrong i wonder if thats why…

I agree that this didn’t deserve a thread. But how about you actually try to look at the search results before making a smart ass remark.

Perhaps he’s too lazy i guess…

Damn you bluemist!

Great thread from October last year guys.
Post dates are pretty cool.