New "Vanilla" Server going Live at 5pm PST, 8pm EST. Details below.

New server going up.

All standard, with the exception of No Durability as that seems to be whats wanted. Airdrops are set at 20 players. “But the first will not start untill 24hrs.”

Full new server with max Population of 75"Anything higher is just to much"

Very Active Admins, with No Hackers tolerated “Yes they will show up, I cant stop that. But they will be BANNED quickly”
And no i will not ban every person that is said there hacking it will be checked out before doing so.

How to join.
Go onto RUST, press F1 to open console. and Type or cut and paste using “CTRL V” net.connect

Need help add me on Steam. <Tag>Cantor