New Vanilla Server W/ No Fall Damage, Insta-Craft, Share. 7/1 23:50 EST (-5 GMT) (Active Admins.)

Thank you for taking the time to carouse our post!

Our brand new Rust server, running Oxide/Oxmin has just been brought online starting today, at 23:50 EST (-5 GMT) 07/01/14.

Come and join us for our new start! 23:50 EST (-5 GMT) 07/01/14. Server IP - net.connect

How to connect.

  1. Start Steam!

  2. Launch Rust.

  3. At the main menu, hit F1 to open the console.

  4. Once the console is open, enter the command listed above. (net.connect

  5. Log in, and enjoy!

What you can expect from our server:

Vanilla features. - This includes but is not limited to: durability, Vanilla Drop Rates, Vanilla Food Rates and PvX. Type /help for any available commands.

Quality of Life. - /Share command, to share doors with your allies! No fall damage! Insta-Craft. No waiting for crafting!

Regular Air Drops. - A minimum of 10 players online will result in airdrops once per Day cycle.

Active Administration and Moderators. - We have active Moderators and Administrators who’s goal is to make your experience with us a positive one, providing around the clock support and in game help!

pvp or pve?

PvX. It’s both, but noob friendly, so mostly PvE.

Bump for an excellent server, the only worries I have at the moment is the amount of admins online . As well as the population of the server. Overall if you wanna join this server, It’s still really fresh and we’ll welcome any new members to the server! It’s a great server that has great potential! We just need you!

As for the owner of the server, I’d reccomend rewording “Fresh” with “NEW”, It’s a keyword a lot of people look into for a new server.