New vanlilla-like server with Economy-system

I’d like to present a new server to y’all! You’re already able to connect, but the server will be wiped around 18:00 +1 GMT today.
The server is brand new and there’s already like 15 active players who will play a lot. There will be three active admins who’s very serious and won’t abuse.
There will be no C4s the first week to prevent raiding in the beginning, so that everyone can gather up resources to get going.
If you want to join us, please do. You’re all welcome!

SERVER NAME: [SWE/EU] Café Bärs|Kits|Plugins|Active Admins|

Press F1 to open up the console, and then type in: net.connect

See you there!

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Looks like shit

In my opinion it’s great. It will open up in like 10 minutes :slight_smile: Everything’s done

Post in the server section. Not here

How is the server “vanilla-like” if you remove the c4’s and add an economy?
That doesn’t sound very vanilla-like… :rolleyes:

Good luck!

What he means is its not vanilla but it’s like vanilla but he added the word vanilla to catch the folks who like vanilla.

Something like unmodded mod server lol

You need 3 admins to manage a brand new server that has 15 players on?