New Vegas Models

More of a question really, but still a request. Is anyone going to port the rest of the New Vegas models? The weapon models and armor? (Enclave Remnants Armor or Joshua Graham) Like they did for Fallout 3. Where they had every thing including the clutter ported.

I know the NCR Ranger Combat amour is being ported. You know the armor with the duster coat. But people like Joshua Graham are almost never ported. I mean if you look at the fallout 3 ports it was mostly brotherhood and enclave armor and ghouls. The raiders where done but never finished. And I supposed enough time hasn’t passed yet for a lot of the models to be made yet.

It has to do with their heads. I don’t know the specifics, but basically the heads of Fallout/Oblivion models are a massive pain in the ass to work with.

I’m getting **all **the weapons, just taking me a while.

Some pictures:
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There beautiful bloocobalt. I cant wait. I love the fallout weapons. Especially the fallout new vegas revolvers. Did you redo the textures yourself or did you get them from the texture mod pack?

I do some minor touch-ups myself, but I mostly just get stuff from the Fallout New Vegas Nexus.

Yeah, it makes sense it’d take a while given there are a lot more weapons.

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Joshua Graham would be more possible than others given that the majority of his face is covered in bandages.

My god, bloo you are fucking awesome

incredible weapons
this will be used, bloo

Im not saying Graham isnt going to be ported. Im just saying the possibility seems low. I mean theres not even models of the Rangers yet. Graham may take awhile.

Not so fast i have him as a model! with finger posing!!

Holy crap man! Darthvoorhee I officially deserve to eat my words. Are you ever going to release that blophead? Now where the hell is that NCR Ranger Combat armor iv been waiting for!

maybe i release it today or tomorrow im really busy

The shading on the model seems off for some reason.

yeah but it’s graham!

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i just released joshua enjoy it guys!

Im defiantly enjoying it. Is anyone doing other ragdolls from New Vegas? How about a head hack on Bennys suit?

Oh god yes…the Rayslayer…I loved that damn gun.

lol you mean *Ratslayer? I wasnt much for the varmint rifle. *357 was more my speed.

Ok, why are people avoiding to port the Veteran Ranger ? I think the ranger should be the first priority.

Yes I absolutely agree with you. Someone is making it but its just taking forever!