New Vegas Models

Hey Facepunch, since I haven’t found anything, I’m just going to ask everyone else.

Are there any New Vegas models (NCR Veteran Rangers, Rangers, ghouls, Great Khans, Caesars Legion, etc) anywhere on Facepunch or anywhere? I can’t find any, and I’d greatly appreciate it if you gave me some links.

My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask.

You can find legion models, ncr models and ghouls from

If you haven’t found any, I doubt you have even looked.

Wow, very useful, thanks. I knew about the other models, except the NCR and Legion ones. I would’ve expected there to be a thread here for release of those two.

I have the NCR models, but I was more looking for Veteran Rangers and such. Legion ones I haven’t found, which is odd. I’ll look again. I’ve found one Ghoul that has the feral ghoul head and is wearing a suit.


I found this, but I’m not sure how to make playermodels out of it.

All the Rangers on .org are terribly rigged, you are better off waiting for Bloocobalt to release his private version.

Okay. I’m gonna go search him on Facepunch now.

:|Isn’t he like in some sort of Boot Camp or some shit? We’ll that I heard a month or so ago. Just wondering because seeying as how school is a bitch (or college or whatever he goes) it will take him a year to do something… Just saying I do appreciate his work really.

I think I’ll just stick with these terribly rigged models. They’ll suffice for now. If he truly is at a bootcamp then I can’t really wait.

I don’t suppose anyone could help me turn them into playermodels / ragdolls?

The only thing you have to do is delete whatever folders other than materials and models there are in the main folder where the player models are located.

Yeah, I don’t understand that.

I have to delete all files other than materials and models in the NPC file and then put them / merge them where the player models are located… And I don’t know where that is.

That would also count for a server, right?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.
If you have a physical folder with materials and models in it, you just need to add info.txt and you can spawn the ragdolls, if it’s got folders like “lua” or some other shit like that, I just usually delete them.

I want to make the NPC models playermodels to be able to be used, ye’know? Even a ragdoll would do for an OA based server.

I have no idea how to make player models, you said you wanted models not playermodels.

Missed that line, good luck.