New Vegas Ports: Have they been done?

Anyone try porting models from New Vegas yet?

Yes. A friend and I ported the NCR trooper models, NCR officer models, Legionary models, Decanus models, legion flags, and legion tents.
They’re private currently, for, Not sure if we will release them.
Legion tents and flags were released by us.

Other models are being worked on by us, such as female versions of the NCR models.
I’m sure we will release them some time.

Also, a few other props, were ported by me and Jason.
You can find them here, they aren’t private.

I have and am, ported a weapon and some ragdolls. Why do you ask?

^I ported the Gobi earlier.

I think silverlan is planing to release a pack of some snpcs

Also don’t forget…

Downloading the Infusion content pack will give you the NCR trooper models, along with a bunch of other NV and FO3 models.

Where can one download this content pack? You have to make an account.

I just ported the CETME rifle from Fallout 3 (New Vegas, models extures from Fo3 were still in the files).

lol so i just can download the infusion pack of private things?