New Vegas Roleplay Caps in Vending Machine?

I would consult cloudsixteen about this problem but the website won’t load for me. It keeps on hanging when I try to visit it. But with that said, can someone help me out on this? I read through the in-game directory and there is no such command. I would like to have caps be dispensed from the Vending machine on the map and how would I do that? Do I have to LUA that?

You’ll need to use Lua to do that. You can take a look at the HL2RP vending machine to see how it’s done.

Damn was afraid about that, I did not buy HL2RP, just the fallout. Is there any way I can figure out the code without purchasing it?

Without using leaks and such you could try asking Cloudsixteen, they might help you out, might not. Though if you knew Lua I guess you could try figuring out yourself. Also, you might be able to find someone nice on here that can do it, or just pay someone.