New Vegas: That Gun

Hi everyone,

As the title suggests I would like “That Gun” from Fallout New Vegas to be ported to Gmod. I have done some searching but can’t find it anywhere, so if anyone can do it or tell me where it has been done before that would be great. I do not require a SWEP, just the model.

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its on if im not mistaken.

I have looked, I can’t find it anywhere. There is a New Vegas weapons pack, but “That Gun” doesn’t appear to be in it.

“That gun” isn’t from fallout. It’s from bladerunner and appears in fallout.

I am aware of that. The Version is Fallout New Vegas has several major differences to the Blade Runner gun however. Any Idea where I can get the model?

Well, That Gun in particular might not be in there, but I am pretty sure that the 5.56 pistol is.

They are the exact same thing cosmetically

I re-downloaded the New Vegas Guns pack and neither are in there.

Actually, That Gun has an engraved silver piece for the top of the frame and the 5.56 is flat black.
And he’s right. Now that I can see the pack, it isn’t in there.


look under there


under there

Still have no idea what you are on about.

SeanL, you need to be a bit more specific. Just saying “Look under there” isn’t enough for anyone to know what you are talking about.

I believe he was making a joke about the lack of description as he didn’t know that there was a gun called “That Gun.” So he thought he would be funny by giving a very general answer.

…Never mind, I gave him far too much credit.

God dammit. Why couldn’t anybody just say UNDER WHERE? So I could be all YOU SAID UNDERWEAR LOLOLOLOLOL, Fuck you guys.

And then Jason saves the day.

Thank you very much!

Me Gusta!