New Verification Method doesn't work.

So apparently, even though i log in, i still CANNOT get it to work.

It says i’m logged in as Corewarp (which is correct) then i press Verify or whatever and it just says in small red Text below the button: Error, And nothing else.

Someone help : <

Also: Anyone else think that this whole deal with “Verifying” that you have garrysmod is kinda dumb. I use the site for a lot of other things. Like finding NPC models and Weapon Models… this verification business is bullshit IMO. I don’t condone piracy.(Well, yes i do, but not Piracy of Gmod or any Valve game! It was well worth the 10 Euros.)

If the above statement makes you doubt that i purchased GMod then you’re an ignorant fool. In any box, i’d appreciate ANY and ALL help.