~New Video- Gmod Stop It Slender Ep 3

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How old are you?

My Friend is 13 and the one that said sucky sucky (-.-") is 13 too
im with the thick voice and im 14.
Can u subscribe please? its really importent to us

Can you give us a very good reason that we should subscribe to your channel?

Idk, Im just asking.
If u have any problems you can say --"
once again Please Constructive comments.

Stop doing gameplay videos. We know what Gmod is.

what is this gmod you talk about
it looks like the most revolutionary game ever!



please stop asking us to subscribe until you produce something worth watching, seriously.


What people here look for mostly are machinimas- Regular gameplay tends to get boring, seeing as there isn’t much that hasn’t already been seen.

It helps to be original/creative and witty.

As said before, yes these kinds of videos are something that is looked down upon. Now if you made a video where you made a walking robot out of tables and saw blades, different story. Start small with simple machines. (Bathtub car is a good starting point.) Then you’ll be able to make complicated items such as mechs, vehicles made from only props and thrusters things like that. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the proper sections of the forum. HOWEVER - if you keep posting things like this you will be insulted and ignored, it could even lead to a ban.