New Video Options to help FPS for people with bad PC's

I have had a read about on the internet and I have found and put together some ideas for options and tweaks that can seriously help fps

-Have an Anti-Aliasing tweak, have 4 options: Very high, high, low, Off
-Have a render distance slider, so people with bad GPU’s can get around 20-30 fps (Its helped in most games :slight_smile: )
-Maybe adjust the render quality of the tree leaves and grass as they have caused a lot of fps issues lately
-Have an option either in console or on options menu to turn of shadows completely, maybe shadows off
-Maybe make the render quality slider have more effect on the world :slight_smile:

I hope you can have time to adjust these things if you read it because lots of people are not playing because they get really bad fps like 10-15 :(.

Its a shame because rust has a lot of potential :slight_smile:


Upgrade your computer. Simple.

I think more should be added eventually but right now they are probably focusing on getting new features into the game

Here is a good tip… Save $50-$100 a month earmarked for PC hardware then you can easily upgrade your computer when you need new GPU, CPU or what ever.

Considering most of rust is still under the age of 18 I doubt anyone will be saving money to get new computer upgrades lol.

The point is they will get more sales and it will get better ratings if most laptops can run it, it would be really bad if it takes a super PC to run :frowning:

Okay, wait.

So you want this unfinished, unoptimized game, which is really unoptimized

To have a bunch of advanced graphics engine settings hacked in

So that the game is better optimized.

Why not wait until the game is further along in development and is actually better optimized across the board instead of interrupting that process to throw in bandaids right now?

The game’s in alpha. It’s gonna run like crap and crash a lot. That’s the life of an alpha tester.

If it’s still acting exactly like this and Facepunch Studios says it’s a Finished Game, that’s a different story, but I highly doubt that’ll occur. It just might take a while to substantially improve.

And, right now they’re not worried about sales and ratings – the game’s early in development with rough edges, it’s probably better NOT to promote huge sales numbers because those are all people who will be getting a bad first impression of Rust (i.e., right now) compared to what it will be like when it is ready to be released out of beta.

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Also, please post your specs, nazza_99. I have a feeling that you’re on the edge of failing to meet the minimum system requirements.

8GB Ram
Intel core i5 540M quad core 2.53 GHz
Gtx 760

P.s. I don’t get lag I’m just saying it would be a good idea because most people who can’t run it will pick the game back up and play it :slight_smile: