New Water v1.0

Tired of your water looking like ripples in a really deep puddle?
Not refracty enough?
Too laggy?
Not reflective enough?!

Well, your solution is here!
Presenting: Pd’s Water-Riffs!

This water “mod” features:

-Just 3 textures!
-Changes all waters automatically!
-Not as tiling!
-Looks like an actual body of water!
-Friggin’ awesome!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! :billymays:

If you choose, you can download my personally made clear water texture that features better animations, much clearer, and flows nice and slowly!
Custom water texture for use in mapping or custom maps, does not replace any textures.

Demo Shots:

I was debating whether this was in the right section, but I guess because it’s technically a skin, it belongs here.

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Well done

No offense, but it looks worse in most cases.

I wish there was a way to make ocean like-water, one that actually shifts up and down with basic waves, sorta like in GTAIV.

The only real change I see in most of the pictures is a massive blue tint to the water and far more obvious tiling lines to be honest.

im no skinner but this is bad

There is, but it’s done by proxies that appearently aren’t listed.

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You don’t notice how it’s waves instead of ripples?

It looks pretty nice for me. :wink:

You could throw some math logics to a water level changer.

Those are the words of a true LUA god (aVoN isn’t, mind you. Someone who is unwilling to fix a few models via LUA despite all possible methods having been stated to him cannot be a LUA god).

  1. That isn’t a real wave, that’s just water moving up and down.
  2. That’s a brush entity- part of the map. That’s for the mapper to do, not me.

You have no idea what she just said.

I’d rather drink water from Mexico.

Great, if you die you won’t comment :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t actually kill you. It just gives you a bad stomach ache.

You seem to be mistaken on Mexico, thinking that it’s “obviously” so dirty it’ll kill you despite many people living there are drinking it all the time.

That sounds far fetched. The 3D waves you see in games these days are GPU calculated. Not simple shaders or anything. I don’t even see how shader parameters in Source could do such a thing.

But hell, correct me if I’m wrong. I’d love to see such a feature in Source.

For some reason it won’t replace my old water, can’t take a look at it.

Uh…pretty much common knowledge that even the locals don’t drink the water in Mexico. The ground water is very close to the surface, easily polluted and contaminated.

I think it would be possible to code something like that dynamic water through lua, I mean we can create meshes, and got some good modules for manipulating models, but would be fuck hard to code (I know I certainly wouldn’t make it) and laggy as hell.

Yeah, instead they drink bottled water that is easily aquired by everyone equally.
And if they don’t have that, they drink Tequila, because alcohol is such a helper when you’re dehydrated.
Some people (unlike me with a tap of never ending freshwater) don’t have the choice.