New Wave Serious Half Life 2 RP

Hello Facepunch Community,

Recently, me and a couple of friends decided to start a OpenAura-based Half Life 2 Roleplay server. Currently, I have a playerbase of about twenty players, but we need more players! We are running a 32 slot server running on rp_city8 and rp_destroyedcity_final. Before you begin criticizing “just another HL2RP server derp”, allow me to explain exactly what NWRP is all about.

Our server takes place in 2015, five years after City 8 got bombed to hell with headcrab canisters. A couple months after the Seven Hour War, a mass revolt had occurred in City 8, culminating in the stabbing of the Sector Commander. The Combine Civil Authority (CCA, or MPF or whatever the hell all you other communities call it… yes I ripped TnB’s name, mainly cause it is far better then MPF >_>) hosted a hasty retreat, and Overwatch decided that rather than actually send reinforcements, to simply bomb the shit out of it.

Five years have passed since the headcrab canisters fell, and Overwatch has deemed the city to be “safe”… unfortunately for the CCA and Citizens relocated to the newly refounded Metroplex Eight, the city was still mostly filled to the brim with headcrabs and zombies. The moment the exited the train, they were swarmed, and the CCA quickly lost control.

After hours of combat, the CCA was able to secure a Safe Zone near the Nexus, as well as a “Caution” Zone, both of which are still patrolled and controlled by the Universal Union. The Quarantine Zone however has been completely overrun by zombies, and is both a safe haven for rebels and a hell for ordinary citizens.

The zombies in the Yellow Zone will be player controlled (once I get the damn factions of OpenAura working…), and the Quarantine Zone zombies will remain NPCs.

Happy RP’ing!

A quick IC example.

I’d suggest clickin’ on this before you start reading. Let it set the tone.
<:: Civil Protection Status Report for Metroplex 8::>

<:: Loading…
<:: Load Complete…

<::Reporting Unit: CCA-SHIELD-DvL.76139
<::Subject: Necrotic Infection

<:: It appears that Overwatch has failed to cleanse the city of necrotic infection. Upon stepping off the razor train, our Civil Protection came under attack by masses of necrotics and parasites. We were barely able to cleanse District one before the relocation trains arrived with the populace. We will begin making our push into heart of the city. If we can just get to the Nexus plaza, we can set the Biosignal Forcefield and secure that district at least… It will be some time before we can allocate housing. We will establish a refugee camp of sorts in the Nexus plaza, near rations.

After we get everything established, fire teams will start securing the main parts. I will have clamps set up inside every Civil Housing Block. I have no idea the depth of this infection, but since Overwatch is busy elsewhere, We’ll do our best to hold the line.

We should have known when we pulled into the station and it said in blood “Welcome to hell…” in large letters at the arrival terminal.

It would be far better if you didn’t rip off TnB’s story.

SCALPEL is part of Eximius-INH deal, please remove the squad name.

Didn’t rip off much other then name and location, friend. I never even played TnB other than once and only for about 15 minutes.

And I have no idea what the hell Eximus-IMH is, name stays.