New way of networking in Gmod (might be DLL)

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The problem would be lag, if some client couldn’t calculate fast enough or send the information fast enough, or disconnected, then basically the infrastructure would fail and die.

If there computer can’t physically handle the game then it would crash there game anyway. Second the server would run the general stuff so that the connected people mainly “Help” to keep it running. As for internet you would need DIALUP for it to not beatable to handle that load, And gmod (for me)
Only uses a small portion of internet speed. Like 20Kb/s out of of 1500k/s.

This idea is not only unnecessary but also stupid. I wouldn’t waste my time on it if I were you.

Isn’t this like the 3rd post uchiha has done for glitchvid, then glitchvid always ends up posting later on in the thread like he did here…

2nd And i just don like starting threads, FPthreadphobia ?


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Noone cares D:

Great idea, let’s have all the clients calculate everything, instead of the server. Then have the server calculate everything anyways just to make sure they’re not lying. Wait.

technically the client already does his share of the work… clientside effects, predictions and stuffs…

But yeah his P2P idea is nonsensical.

Client 1: “I shot Client 2”
Client 2: “k cool”


That typically happens anyway with clientside prediction.

CSS ragdols are client side and they seem to pack out different on almost every client.

And we already have something called clientside prediction

and if you make it p2p people are gone need giant upload speeds even if you are only with 2-3 players and most home connection dont have that.(also people are gone have to forward there ports to make it work)

The only thing were is see a future is if somebody writes a dll to share all the data of players/props/sents/npc’s (pos/ang/shooting/flashlight/team) between servers