New way to ruin the game...

Today a friend show me a post talking about this.

They can force permissions of plugins (oxide) with this…

Players comes on our servers and forced admins permissions :

  • RightShift+L fly

  • /remove admin

  • /god


How could lag-switching enable a player to force Oxide plugin permissions?

Please post a link to the post that your friend showed you. That lag switch is a real problem.
But I also think that the rust developers will find a solution to this. This needs to be brought to their attention.

Agreed, being able to place objects/building parts within a TC protected area is pretty “problematic”.

Isn’t this the Oxide devs’ problem? Oxide isn’t the responsibility of the Rust devs.

elix if you watched the video, which obviously you didn’t, you would understand it’s a rust problem too.
This is an exploit / cheat that uses a security leak in the server - client connection.

is it affecting non-oxide servers? because if it isn’t, it would mean it’s an oxide issue…

Its one thing to use lag switches. Its another to give yourself admin permissions

As far as I know this is not “new”. I saw people using this method to circumvent the tool cupboard back when it was first introduced, about a year ago…

While I see how it can be used to abuse a few things, I fail to see how this could affect oxide or admin permissions in any way, shape or form?

Well I think they can gain the permissions although the server should deny them, but somehow they can bypass it when using this lag switch.

But its not just “a few things”: The building cupboard is bypassed! They could just block your front door with a large stone wall. And many other nasty things I don’t necessarily wanna point out here.