New ways of raiding bases

Currently you can only use c4 or pickaxes to raid. I have a few ideas to have more variety.

Code Lock Hacker- If electricity/wiring ever gets implemented in Rust, maybe a hacking tool could be made with a wiring kit and it basically has a 1/10 chance to successfully hack the door and gets destroyed on use.

Drill- A placeable drill that could shred through armored doors. Would require a lot to make and it would take about 1 minute and 30 seconds to get through an armored door, and less time with weaker doors. It would have a chance to instantly break, an if it doesn’t break, it could be used again, but with less efficiency.

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c4. rockets. pickaxes. hatchet. survey charges. tower jumping. kill the guy when he open his door. code lock guessing.

What’s stopping either of your tools from being spammed? Also drilling though a door in a minute-thirty flat is obscenely fast, and would just make offline raiding even easier.

I wasn’t really thinking of offline raiding, but the drill would be a top tier raid tool, and would cost more to make than c4. Really these are just ideas of raiding huge bases with lots of doors. I wouldn’t expect people to waste a drill/code lock hacker on a small base.

And to the poster above, I forgot about rockets, and tower jumping, survey charges, waiting for them to open their door and guessing their code are lame and boring ways of raiding.

Drill also needs power supply.