New weapon ( Blowpipe )

I was thinking if you guys could make a new weapon to improve the combat system, my suggestion is a blowpipe, was thinking it would be awsome to do in early life in rust so you can protect yourself just like the bow.
imo if you guys would develop this weapon i think it cost 250-350 wood and 10-50 cloth, and ammountion would be like darts or stone, and the dart would cost like 10 frags and 10 cloth.

10 damage per shot and Im in.

I dunno but a blowpipe in first person view is going to look weird as hell.

This also got suggested a couple times before.

this as been suggested before

Just joined the community sorry if i brought it up but it would look so cool with a new wep tho

I saw a blowpipe being used in first person in a game called the culling. It looks really cool and it seems fun to use. I would like to see this in rust.

I would like to drug people and fuck with there monitors :DD

feelin Dizzy Mate??

That sounds so wrong, like you actually want to fuck someones monitor.

So you did think about someone fucking an Monitor? Well you win this time.

trustinrocks that’s where i got the idea from ^^